The interior filter protects the evaporative coil of your air conditioning system. In addition, it prevents the ingress of dust, pollen, exhaust, tar and other harmful particles into the vehicle through ventilation and ventilation pipes. This will also significantly improve the comfort and safety of passengers. “Wulsgen filter” uses multi-layer synthetic media capable of reflecting moisture and trapping harmful particles up to 0.3 μm.
For additional filtration requirements, cabin air filters with activated carbon contain harmful exhaust fumes, dirt and dust, as well as high concentrations of ozone and unpleasant smells outside the cabin. Filters use nonwoven materials that are natural and free from chemical impregnation and odors. Currently, there are two types of interior filters:
• Pollen filters: for effective protection against dust, pollen, soot and other dirt particles
• Active carbon filters: for additional protection against unpleasant odors, odors and harmful gases.